Big Candy is a consummate cleaner. His services are the perfect answer whether you’re looking for a quick tidy in the living room or a complete, furniture-moving, floor-washing overhaul. How long have you put off cleaning out the garage? Does the thought of your attic or storage spaces make you cringe? No matter if it’s a big job you’re dreading or the leftover dishes piling up in the sink, Big Candy provides quick, competent, affordable help. Click here for pictures of Big Candy cleaning.
Big Candy will do whatever you need done. Here’s what he’s cleaned for some of his past clients:

Living room
Storage space
Dining room (A clean dining room is a great prelude to a freshly cooked meal.)
Kitchen: Sometimes you need the refrigerator emptied and scrubbed, sometimes you just need the pots and pans put away. Big Candy does it all.
Parties: A party is always more fun when you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

If you need more than just cleaning, you should consider Big Candy’s home maintenance services, such as cleaning out gutters, putting up plastic sheeting, weatherstripping, shoveling and salting, and more.


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